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“Tommy Khosla is shattering stereotypes and forging a deeply personal approach to sitar, informed by dance and electronics” Songlines Magazine



Tommy Khosla is a contemporary sitarist and composer. Featured recently in Songlines magazine, their debut LP Vignettes was released earlier this year to critical acclaim and has received airtime on BBC Asian Network. Tommy is the founder of their collective Jawari, and record label Vadi Records. Vadi Records release globally oriented interdisciplinary work, and curate monthly events in London at Grow Hackney. Winning the UK Awards for Young Musicians at age 17, Tommy has since gone on to develop a unique voice in music, placing the sitar in contemporary contexts. Taking inspiration from jazz, lo-fi and electronic music, Tommy is challenging stereotypes about the musical space sitar can be played in. Originally learning with Ricky Romain, Tommy is now continuing their sitar training with Anoushka Shankar.


2023 Live

22nd February - Tommy Khosla & Jawari with Kantigas at Grow Hackney, London

22nd March - Ume ft Tommy Khosla at Grow Hackney
, London

21st April - Somatic & Tommy Khosla at Grow Hackney, London

2nd May - Tommy Khosla & Jawari at Morito Music, London

7th May - Tommy Khosla & Kenichi Kojima (Jawari) at Noon+Cafe, Osaka

12th May - Tommy Khosla & Kenichi Kojima (Jawari) at Koizumi Gakki, Kyoto

18thth May - Tommy Khosla & Kenichi Kojima (Jawari) at World Kitchen Baobab, Tokyo 

19th May - Tommy Khosla & Kenichi Kojima (Jawari) 
at Latest Sports, Tokyo

2nd June - Tommy Khosla, Jawari & Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay at Morocco Bound, London

3rd June - Tommy Khosla & Jawari at Magpie's Nest, London

4th June - Tommy Khosla & Jawari at Oxford University, Oxford

7th June - Tommy Khosla at St Thomas Hospital, London

28th June - Tommy Khosla & Taylor Frost (Jawari) at Sounds & Space, London

12th July - Tommy Khosla & Jawari Ft. Ume & Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay at Grow Hackney, London


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